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There are a number of factors to consider when deciding to sell your home.

Do you know the current value of your home? A market analysis can help you understand the worth of your home.

Have you built up enough equity to sell? How much money do you still owe on your house and other home loans? Think about maximizing your return.

Is your house marketable? Any repairs needed? Think about exterior and interior presentation.


Are you ready to leave it behind? Be sure you have a plan to sell and relocate. Search new homes on this site!






Looking to purchase
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Purchasing a home is an exciting time! It's a big investment so it's a good idea to think about a few things to make the process as smooth as possible.

Have you received a pre-approval? This is really important because it will provide guidance on homes you can afford. Your credit score will drive the mortgage interest rate offer.

Do you know what type of house or apartment do you want? Research the different kinds of houses (i.e. Cape, colonial) or apartment (i.e. condo, co-op) to narrow down your favorite style.

How much are the town and/or village taxes? The taxes will be part of your monthly payment. Make sure it fits your budget.

Does this neighborhood have a good school district? Research school rating sites for more information. School taxes are part of your payment.

How much will your mortgage be?

Affordability is key in the home buying process. Having as much tax and interest rate information will help you determine the right cost for your investment.

Use the calculator below to get an approximate amount of your mortgage.

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